Your old denim trousers are here to stay. Introducing EverJean, a sustainable second life as fabric for your bed or mattress.

Boxspring fabrics that are completely recyclable, from fabric to backing.

Your durable option for a greener bedroom. All L.E.A.F. fabrics are made from recycled or upcycled materials.

A unique fabric width of 220 cm and coarse upholstery yarns for that bold and special look.

Benefit from wool’s smart characteristics for your entire bed.

The ultimate mattress fabric combination: supreme softness, daring designs and carefully selected materials.

Your design in utter detail: the perfect job for Exquisite.

Linen-blend fabrics, straight from a Belgian textile region famous for its flax since the Middle Ages.

High-end wovens to make your mattress stand out from the crowd.

Sophisticated boxspring fabrics with an easily applicable 210/220 cm width.

Extra soft voluminous knits for mattresses, for the perfect night's sleep.