Pecorelle: eco-friendly and sustainable

With Pecorelle, we chose a name that represents our new family of bedding fabrics perfectly. The Italian word for ‘little sheep’ says it all: we created a collection of woollen fabrics that is both luxurious and refined. But what exactly are the advantages of wool?


Wool is made up of hollow fibre. This means that it is able to store air, which makes it an isolating material. As a result, wool is a perfect choice for both winter and summer: in winter it allows you to keep warm and in summer it will help you stay cool. 

Air purifier and hypoallergenic

By absorbing harmful pollutants and not re-emitting them afterwards, wool purifies the air. In addition, wool absorbs up to 30% of moisture without feeling wet. That results in a dry environment where dust mites, who need moisture, cannot survive. What’s more is that wool’s air purifying qualities are proven to remain active for up to 30 years! 

Naturally renewable, eco-friendly and sustainable

When your mattress has proven its worth for many years, you might feel like the time has come to swap it for a new one. Even then, your old mattress won’t be a burden to you or the environment. As wool is a completely natural product that grows naturally on sheep, it is 100% biodegradable, renewable and sustainable. 

Naturally flame retardant 

Wool doesn’t burn easily. It has a very high self-ignition temperature of approximately 600°C, which is many times higher than other fibres’. Cellulose fibres, for instance, burn quite quickly and man-made fibres even emit gasses on top of that. If wool does catch fire, however, it quickly self-extinguishes and carbonises. This ensures that is doesn’t stick to the skin when it burns. 

Keeps its shape

Wool fibres are known to be very flexible. They can be stretched up to 30% without losing shape when going back to their original state, making them perfect for mattresses. This effect remains active throughout the woollen fabrics’ lifetime, preventing it from taking on different shapes as time passes. 

Not only does our Pecorelle collection profit from these qualities, all our fabrics are also created by our in-house design department. Thanks to our designer’s attention for detail, we are able to provide you with sophisticated fabrics that are excellent for your mattress and headboard.